1, QUOTATIONS Unless otherwise stated in writing, quotations are open for acceptance for 30 days from the date of issue.
2, SAMPLES will be charged at normal selling price and credited in full if returned in good condition.
3, ACCEPTANCE Orders are subject to the Conditions of sale here specified and any conditions on the buyers document which are at variance
there to, shall only apply if the seller agrees in writing.
4, OWNERSHIP The title of the goods supplied by Mason Architectural Hardware Ltd, does not pass until all outstanding invoices due from the
purchaser to the above have been paid in full.
5, PRICES to be charged are those ruling at the date of despatch. If any increase occurs between the date of the quotation and the date of despatch,
be it manufacturer’s or from any other source beyond control of the seller, the seller shall be entitled to increase any such prices by such amount
as is reasonable having regard to such increases in costs. All prices are subject to the current ruling V. A. T. regulation.
6, CANCELLATION Orders accepted by the seller cannot be cancelled accept by the consent of the seller and then only on the terms which will
indemnify the seller against any loss incurred. Cancellation of any order for a saleable item may be accepted without charge, at the sole discretion
of the seller. In the event of the seller accepting cancellation of the items which have or are being made special to order, the buyer will be
required to pay the whole cost of work involved up to cancellation.
7, AMENDMENT Orders accepted by the seller can only be amended by the sellers consent and then only on the terms which will indemnify the
seller against any loss incurred through the procurement of non-standard or special items being held on stock for the buyer. Amendment of any
order for the saleable item may be accepted without charge at the sole discretion of the seller. In the event of the seller accepting amendment of
items which have or are being made special to order, the buyer will be required to pay the whole cost of work involved up to the date of the
amendment of the order.
8, ADDITIONAL CHARGES Orders accepted by the seller are done so on the understanding that any additional charges brought about through
the procurement, assembly and delivery of goods to the buyer will be passed on at the point of invoice or via supplementary invoice. Whenever
possible the seller will inform the buyer of any impending additional charges if known (see below).
Type of Charges
A, A manufacturer/supplier chargeable case/container/pallet etc.
B, A manufacturer/supplier packing charge.
C, A manufacturer/supplier postage and packaging charge.
D, A manufacturer/supplier standard carriage or overnight carriage charge.
E, A manufacturer/supplier minimum/small order charge.
F, A manufacturer/supplier split box charge.
G, A manufacturer/supplier alteration/modification to goods purchased charge.
H, A manufacturer/supplier raw material related surcharge.
I, A manufacturer/supplier currency fluctuation related surcharge.
J, A company (seller) packing charge.
K, A company (seller) postage and packaging charge.
L, A company (seller) standard/ overnight carriage charge.
M, A company (seller) special delivery service carriage charge.
N, A company (seller) alteration/modification/repair charge.
9, CARRIAGE On goods despatched via the sellers own transport and within the sellers normal area of operation, carriage may be waived. On
goods despatched via carrier or post, a charge will be incurred. Carriage paid orders can be obtained. Please enquire for details, the amount may
vary on product and destination. Goods being despatched via overnight or any special service are not covered by the carriage paid ruling, unless
the seller is at fault.
10, DELIVERY OF GOODS Delivery dates are given in good faith and the seller will strive to maintain any date given, but cannot be held
responsible for non-delivery for reasons outside the control of the seller.
11, DAMAGE/LOSS/SHORTAGE IN TRANSIT Except where the seller arranges delivery by his own vehicle, the seller cannot be held
responsible for loss or damage in transit. Any damage, loss or shortage must be reported to the seller within three working days of delivery.
12, PAYMENT is due by the 30th day of the month following that of delivery. Non-payment of a due account will automatically result in the seller
suspending the buyers credit facility until the account is settled in full. Account overdue by 60 days will be passed to the Dept Recovery Service,
which may result in legal proceedings. Any cost incurred by this action will be passed onto the buyer. A ten percent (10%) interest charge will
be made for every day outstanding after the due date in accordance with the County Court Act 1984. The Company reserves the right to refuse or
withdraw credit facilities without prior notice or explanation as why such action has been taken.
13, SETTLEMENT discount may not be taken unless previously agreed in writing.
14, RETURNS The seller operates a returns document (credit Processing) which must be issued for the goods to be returned for credit. The buyer must provide an invoice/delivery note number and date of purchase with a reason for return, before a credit processing document can be issued to collect the goods. The buyer
must ensure that goods for return must be in re-saleable condition and in their original packaging or wrappings. Defective goods will not be credited if it is proven that the failure has been caused by bad fitting, misuse or under specification. It is the seller’s policy to impose a restocking charge on all returns where the buyer is liable.
15, DEFECTS AFTER DESPATCH All goods will be examined for condition upon disclosure of defects. Faults due to manufacture will be covered by the products
guarantee and will be replaced or repaired free of charge. If it is proven that failure had been caused by bad fitting or under specification, replacements or repairs
will be deemed chargeable at current prices.
16, CONSEQUENTIAL LOSS/GUARANTEE The seller shall not in any circumstances be liable for indirect or consequential loss arising for any reason whatsoever.
Defective parts replaced or exchanged under guarantee only, as we are unable to accept responsibility due to faulty fitting or abuse, or for any repairs carried out
by any person to whom we have not given our consent.
17, INSURANCE In the case of an, F. O. B. sale, goods will be insured up to delivery over the ships rail.
18, FORCE MAJEURE Neither buyer or seller shall be liable for any loss or damage resulting from either party being delayed in it’s obligations by reasons or
circumstances known generally as ‘force majeure’.
19, PRODUCT SPECIFICATION It is the sellers policy of continuous improvement and the seller reserves the right to change product specification without giving
prior notice.
20, ARBITRATION Any disagreements arising from the execution of any contract entered into shall be settled if not agreed by mutual consent, by arbitration carried
out in accordance with the rules of association of British Chambers of Commerce by one or more arbitrators appointed in accordance with such rules.
21, LAWS OF CONTRACT These Conditions of sale shall in all respects be governed by and constructed in accordance with, English Law and the parties hereby
submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.